Professional teeth whitening at affordable prices

Professional Teeth whitening in Brighton at affordable prices. Teeth whitening is now very popular both among men and women There are traditionally many different tooth whitening systems on the market. Over the counter teeth whitening trays, custom made tooth whitening trays, in surgery laser activated teeth whitening systems, tooth whitening tooth pastes. These vary in effectiveness but in order for the tooth whitening to be really effective you really need to opt for a power teeth whitening session. This can be done in one visit. With our tooth whitening system you can walk away with a white smile in an hour. We use a whitening accelerator - a cold blue light which contains no UV light and is therefore not heating your teeth or is harmful to you in any other way. We also offer thermo form tooth whitening home kits which if used in conjunction with power whitening can produce really great results. Our teeth whitening is Safe, effective and affordable. Contact is for FREE consultation. Come and get your great smile now – in our professional Brighton Kemptown premises.

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